Lt. Paul Gushwa, Victor Flight

         (Photo courtesy of Paul Gushwa)

     Lt. Paul Gushwa's F-86 "Miss Bunny" (Photo by Paul Gushwa)

Paul Gushwa graciously sent me his 35mm slides from his time in Korea. Written

on the back of this slide was "Lt. Paul Gushwa." I made an 8x10 of this picture

and sent it to Paul. Paul wrote me and said, "Thanks for the nice picture but I

have no idea who the pilot was." So I called him on the phone and told him, "I

know who the pilot was..., it was YOU!"  Looking closely at the picture, one can

see a great big white "G" on the pilot's helmet. Paul must have been "ferrying"

this 35th FBS aircraft, to or from the maintenance facility in Japan.